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Type: Permanent and full-time position
Sector: Mobile accesories

Our client is specialized in mobile accessorized in European market.

The candidate helps to define and implement the company's purchasing policy with the general management. He guarantees the achievement of qualitative, quantitative, organizational and financial objectives for the purchase of products.

Main activities

Company strategy and purchasing policy

• Align with the general management on the strategic objectives.

• Collect and analyze the needs of the different stores and the marketing department.

• Benchmark.

• Define with management an Asian purchasing strategy.

Supply and logistics

• Responsibility for supply and manage the flow management process from A to Z.

• Develop the flow management policy and the order planning.

• Process supply.

• Select carriers, freight forwarders and negotiate pricing conditions.

• Optimize storage and handling.

• Ensure shipment of finished products.

Purchase and Logistics Negotiation

• Ensure tariff negotiations on purchases and logistics.

• Negotiate directly with key suppliers and suppliers to the company, including the implementation of framework agreements.

• Ensure, according to a programmed or unplanned rhythm, renegotiations of contracts based on supplier performance, market developments and company needs.  

Management, steering and monitoring

• Establish procedures, methodologies and tools to improve the overall performance: information systems, supplier evaluation grids, quality standards, choice of outsourcing...

• Ensure communication and the link with all business departments of the company to promote the integration of purchasing and logistics within the company.

• Ensure reporting to senior management  

Staff management

• Optimize platform organization.

• Ensure the team recruitment.

• Supervise and animate teams, in particular through performance monitoring.

• Provide training and skills development.


• Good knowledge of transport techniques

• Have skills in managing and organizing flows

• Knowledge of the tax and legal regulations on transport

• Work with computer tools

• Speak and understand English and Mandarin - Speak French is a plus

• Organized, responsive and analytical minded