Good food, good service, good atmosphere. How hard could it be to run a restaurant? Well, in Hong Kong the answer is far from straightforward. The city’s 20,000+ restaurants – with an estimated total area that could fill 110 football stadiums according to CBRE – is testament to a foodie culture that knows no bounds.

But behind the celebratory clinking of glasses on a Friday night, the lofty but delicate aroma of lobster bisque in a Michelin-star bistro or the strange honesty of beef brisket and noodles, there is plenty of anguish, struggle and – most importantly – accomplishment.

So what’s it really like behind the curtain of this cut-throat industry?


Find out from:

Jacques Boissier, Regional Director – North Asia, Classic Fine Foods

Alain Decesse, CEO, Classified Group

Emmanuel FarcisGeneral Manager – Asset Planning, LINK REIT

Joe Finkenbinder, Founder, Bionic Brew

Gaëlle Gognau, Co-Founder, Bread Elements

Cristobal Huneeus, Co-Founder, La Cabane Group

Philippe Lalanne-Tauzia, Managing Director, Culina (HK) Ltd

Josephine Lalanne-Tauzia, Assistant Managing Director, Culina (HK) Ltd

Thibaut Mathieu, General Manager Asia, Corney & Barrow

Grégoire Michaud Co-Founder, Bread Elements

Sandeep Sekhri, Founder, Dining Concepts

Pierre Stanghellini, COO / Founder, Viazul

Geoffrey Wu, Founder, Forks & Spoons