The Pearl River Delta (PRD) is already the world’s largest urban area in terms of size and population with more habitants (67 million) than Canada, Argentina or Australia. But what’s in it for Hong Kong?

With the 20th anniversary of the Handover taking place this year, it’s a perfect time to reflect on the opportunities and challenges presented by the rapid growth of the PRD region.

Recently relabelled to the ‘Greater Bay Area’, the PRD is becoming more connected than ever with infrastructure projects like the Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macau Bridge.

In this issue we’ve sought the opinion of entrepreneurs, business leaders and innovators to see if this development is good for Hong Kong after all – can Hong Kong ride the PRD wave?


Contributors include

Stephen Phillips, Director-General, Invest Hong Kong

David Baverez, Author of Paris-Pekin Express

Louis Houdart, Founder, Creative Capital

Ben Simpfendorfer, Founder and CEO of Silk Road Associates

Jean-Charles Viancin, Founder and CEO of Super Silicone

Cecile Israel, Founder, Easy Bacchus

Jean-Baptiste Dabadie, Managing Director, Asiapack

Anne Kerr, Global Head Cities, Mott MacDonald

Benjamin Joffe, Partner, HAX