In a city that boasts the dubious honour of being the most expensive housing market in the world (and one of the most expensive property markets generally), we’re prone to bouts of exasperation whenever someone brings up the topic of real estate. The high cost of land and its resulting impact on rents – coupled with a compact living environment – is a common gripe for almost all of the territory’s seven million inhabitants.

For individuals and businesses alike, we have to look for solutions to this challenging situation.

With Western MNCs being squeezed out of Central due to rising prices and an increased volume of mainland firms willing to pay a premium, Hong Kong’s business districts are in a process of transformation.

While real estate is undoubtedly a challenging subject, Hong Kong remains an attractive and unique city. There’s little doubt that we will continue to find solutions, adapt and innovate.


Contributors include:

David Baverez, Author of Paris-Pekin Express

Dr Peter Cookson Smith, Founder, Urbis Limited

Nigel Smith, Managing Director, Colliers International Hong Kong

Daniel Shih, Director of Research, Colliers International Hong Kong

Denis Ma, Head of Research, Jones Lang LaSalle

William Cheng, Feng Shui Expert

Andrew Tsui, Co-Founder, Rooftop Republic