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It has been for quite some time that our French community's presence is much felt in this metropolitan of the East. Everywhere we go, a French word simply pops out by the ear. We felt it's time, time to investigate this phenomenon of the French presence in Hong Kong. 

Thus, the topic that welcomes the early spring of 2016 is HONG KONG SUR SEINE-- Panorama of the French Presence in Hong Kong. The French Consulate estimated a rough 25,000 French are currently residing in Hong Kong. What are they doing here? Why did they leave the good old France to this new city where Cantonese is presumably the must for local integration? What are they seeking and did they get what they seek? What do the locals think of the French presence? Does the well-established French culture have a piece here in the Hong Kong cultural landscape? 

Here in this issue you will find answers to the question marks you have about the French. 

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