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In present-day mature economies, innovation is increasingly an inevitable trait of competitiveness in businesses. Setting its year-end mood on creativity, the winter issue “Creativizing Hong Kong Businesses” looks at how established businesses turn over a new page, young start-ups bring about disruptive ideas to enter the market and what kinds of culture could cultivate creativity and enhance social capacity to change. 

Is Hong Kong a creative hub? 

While general expectation about Hong Kong has little to do with creativity, we see that many businesses, old and young, are gearing towards change in order to increase their market competitiveness. Changing an age-old practice starts with fresh new thinking. The key, is being creative.

The process of acquiring and implementing creativity in Hong Kong businesses is what we call "CreativizING". The meaning is twofold: i) Hong Kong businesses are getting started in creative thinking on all aspects of business practices. ii) ING as the suffix of present continuous tense suggests something ongoing (to infinity). This is just the start, and we believe that businesses will continue to work creatively and bring about innovative outcome. 

We hope this issue could provide nutrients for thinking and reflecting, not only on your own businesses, but also on your individual decision about the possibility of making a change in the society. 

Happy reading! And we wish you a happy winter holiday!



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