Now Health International is an award-winning specialist international health insurance provider based in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Dubai and the UK. At the heart of its offer are benefit-rich products combined with their aim to provide unparalleled service to its customers.

All Now Health customers are covered anywhere in the world with its basic annual maximum limit starting at USD 3m per year. There are four levels of cover available which means that customers can select the level of cover their prefer to suit their lifestyle, from essential medical treatment, to a more comprehensive package.

The company intends to lead the way in the market with its service offering. The customer service guarantee consists of six promises when buying, claiming, editing or renewing.

Now Health's set of service guarantees include:

1) Eligible claims will be processed in five working days
2) Underwriting-referred business will be responded to within two working days
3) Plan documents will be dispatched within five working days
4) If customers decide to go paper-free, membership cards will be dispatched within two working days
5) Guarantees of payment for medical providers will be placed within two working days
6) All enquiries will be responded to within one working day


In July 2015, Now Health's investor acquired Best Doctors Insurance, a major medical insurance provider with distribution throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada. The transaction creates a global top tier specialist IPMI proposition with complementary products, distribution and geographies. The operation spans 4 continents, with 12 offices, 100,000+ members, 400+ staff and 5,000+ distribution partners.

Date of Establishment


Number of Employees

25 local

400 worldwide

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Units 1501-3&9, 15F
AIA Tower
183 Electric Road

North Point