À La Bakery offers​ ​​5-star quality​ ​​Gourmet Bread & Pastries. 100%​ Product of France,​ ​symbolizing ​​​​quality​​ and​​ refinement at Good Value​ while uphold​ing the highest hygiene standards on Food Safety.
​​All Products are GMO free


À La Bakery Bread are daily ​oven-fresh,​ ​GMO free, made from the highest-quality ingredients, free of preservatives, artificial flavour​ enhancers and coloring. À La Bakery Bread are natural, refined, shaped manually by hand using ​the traditional French process and method ​to create a flavour that is ​​resolutely modern, fluffy, healthily rich in fibre, with a crunchy crust and ​an aroma of warm honey. What you get is a subtle rich taste that lingers in the mouth,​ leaves you ​satisfied ​and ​yet ​craving for more.

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G/F, Two Chinachen Plaza
68 Connaught Road

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