Classic Fine Foods (Hong Kong) Ltd is one of the leading Fine Foods importing/distribution companies in Hong Kong. Classic Fine Foods (Hong Kong) Ltd imports and distributes over 50 brand agencies of Fine Foods and is proud to have selected the finest western foods.

These range from dairy products (President, Ceneri cheeses.....), airflown fresh perishables from Rungis market and Australia (fish, vegetable, poultry, oysters, ...), charcuterie, gastronomie products (Balik salmon, Rougie foie gras), meat, dry products (Maille condiments, oils ...), to pastry items (DGF, Cap’ Fruil) etc. Our customers include hotels, restaurants & clubs, airlines, cruise ships, supermarkets and delicatessen stores.


Being part of the largest network of Fine Foods distribution companies, Classic Fine Foods (Hong Kong) Ltd has sister companies in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Dubai, UK and France.

Date of Establishment


Number of Employees

600 worldwide

Location & Contact Info

4-6 Kwai Tai Road
Kerry Warehouse
Unit 201
Kwai Chung