The Box Partnership is a Hong Kong-based boutique consulting firm specialized in Food & Beverage, Hospitality and Retail. We advise clients in the Asia Pacific Region, the Middle East and Europe that are looking to open a business as well as clients that are facing difficulties with their existing business and need advice.

Our aim is to partner with you not only to advise you on the path to follow but to work hand in hand with you in order to provide you with all our expertise, knowledge and experience.

We keep up with trends and create the optimal business solutions for start-ups, industry veterans looking to enter their next phase of growth or to expand their presence in new emerging markets.




We brainstorm with you to understand your objectives. We take into account your requirements, our market research, customer feedback and competitor analysis to provide you with a detailed understanding of the market and development plan for your business. We help you develop a concept that stays true to your idea and adapt it to the requirements of the market.

We create your logo and graphic charter in order for you to have a consistent brand image. We also create your menu design and any collateral that you may need. We can create and design your website, your blog and social media posts. We partner with your interior designer in order to be consistent and to provide you with the best designs.

We help you through the process of creating a business, from concept development up to the opening day. This service encompasses finding and dealing with the interior designer, license consultant, shop location, team recruitment, contractors, etc. We go through the kitchen plan and bar plan to make sure the flow of service is smooth and efficient. We also help you find the suitable kitchen equipment, bar equipment, POS, audio system, alarms, credit card machines, etc. for your business.


We provide quantitative & qualitative data that will help you understand your market better and determine your possibilities. We analyse the market according to your project and we determine your main competitors.

Looking to open your business but have no clue how to reach your customers? We can elaborate a marketing strategy for you. We study your concept, your offer, your competitors and your benchmark. We then help you elaborate the best marketing plan and promotional strategy according to your product, price and place. We also guide you on how to communicate your brand efficiently. We offer digital marketing strategies, social media management and website optimization as additional services.

If you have a business but you feel you are lacking experience/ideas in marketing, we can develop marketing strategies for you and takeover your digital platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc). We study your current marketing process and campaigns, social media, website, etc. We are then able to elaborate a marketing strategy to help you increase your visibility, conversion and therefore revenue. We also review your website’s performance and implement strategies to optimize it. Analytic reports are made at the end of each campaign in order to analyze their success.


If you are facing difficulties with your business, we do a gap assessment in order to understand what is hindering your performance. Thanks to our audit, we determine where your issues lie: financially, operationally, on marketing, design, social media, branding inconsistencies. We elaborate a plan and help you implement each action by adapting those solutions to your business.

Customer experience is not a service but an attitude. It is also present in any kind of business and is the main reason why people are loyal to your business; or whether they never show up again. If you are facing difficulties with your customer experience, it is usually linked to a lack of standards and a lack of training. We can help you improve by performing an audit, then developing standards (with you) and finally by providing trainings to your team. We then make sure those standards are maintained by auditing your business.

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