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Advanced Track and Trace supplies international groups, local companies and governments with Seal Vector®, an ultra-robust authentication technology. Seal Vector® can be integrated to customized traceability solutions, in order to combine expert authentication, supply chain traceability and consumer interaction. Today, billions of products are tracked and traced thanks to our digital solutions, for an ultimate protection of your brands against counterfeiting and parallel markets. At the same time, we have developed technologies focused on documents security and integrity. By combining our know-how on authentication and security, we have come up with robust, easy-to-implement and cost-effective solutions applicable to a large range of products and documents: tax stamps, ID cards, visas, access badges and any sensitive documents that you wish to protect against malicious alterations. Seal Crypt®, a code generated with the original document, enables to encrypt all the data in the document, including photos or fingerprints. Seal Stamp® follows the same principle, adding the possibility to encode sensitive information into an artwork, such as a logo or an image. Both codes are quickly readable offline and provide a secure way to check the integrity of your documents. But technology is useful only if it is used properly. This is why Advanced Track and Trace supports you all the way from the definition of a solution targeted at your specific needs, up to production lines engineering and data management. Advanced Track and Trace is a French company headquartered in Paris, with four subsidiaries in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Shanghai and the United States.

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