More Inventive - Less Invasive
ACTEON® Group is a French medtech specialized in high technology medical devices.
We ambition to create and to develop hightech medical devices that enable dentists and surgeons to implement less invasive, safer and quicker operating protocols that are less traumatic for their patients.
ACTEON® group’s key technologies are High-Frequency Ultrasonics and Digital Medical Imaging.
ACTEON employs highly trained technical and sales teams based in 26 different offices around the world and has a distribution network that covers our markets in 94 additional countries.
Our two multidisciplinary R&D teams work very closely with our 5 industrial sites, all located in Western Europe (France - HQ in Merignac-, Germany, Italy).


ACTEON is structured into four business units: - EQUIPEMENT Business Unit (manufactured by SATELEC®) produces and distributes the Group’s piezo-ultrasonics generators and polymerization lamps - IMAGING Business Unit (manufactured by SOPRO®) promotes digital imaging systems and dental and medical radiology such as cameras, digital sensors and intra and extra oral X-Ray systems. - PHARMA Business Unit (range produced by LABORATOIRE PRODUITS DENTAIRES PIERRE ROLLAND) markets the Group’s pharmaceutical and consumables portfolio within anesthetics, therapeutics and other dental areas - MEDICAL Business Unit (manufactured by SOPRO® and COMEG®) produces and distributes endoscopic imaging systems dedicated to surgeon ACTEON focuses on two high added-value technologies that fall within a number of scientific domains and is the global pioneer of these technologies:   >High-frequency ultrasonics Mastering high-frequency ultrasonics, irreplaceable in dental treatments and specifically developed for high-precision osseous surgery, can only be obtained by the in-depth knowledge of all elements that make up a piezoelectric vibration system (generator, handpiece and tip). All component parts of the acoustic system are manufactured in-house and ceramics are rigorously selected. Our team has patented the Newtron® technology that controls the resonant frequency in real time at 36,000 times per second. This technology is the most sophisticated piezoelectric system on the market. The practitioner benefits from a high-performance handpiece, which provides accurate and constant vibrations regardless of the pressure applied or the tissue being treated. The clinical procedure is more accurate and less tiring   >Digital medical imaging Possessing know-how in digital medical imaging enables us to constantly improve the digital view of the operative sites during micro dental surgery and medical endoscopy procedures.   Extra-oral imaging Advances made in medical imaging inspire ACTEON extraoral X-ray device development strategy. We define image processing algorithms used to determine the apparent image definition and which facilitate bone-density assessment, diagnostics and treatment scheduling.   Intra-oral imaging Utilizing autofluorescence, ACTEON diagnostic cameras superimpose an image of the tissue structure onto the anatomic image of the patient’s teeth. This feature makes it possible to detect decay, even at its earliest stages, without subjecting the patient to any unnecessary radiation. The images can be captured and stored into any imaging software giving the practitioner all of the tools necessary to practice minimally invasive dentistry.   Medical Imaging We design perfectly connected and intuitive products to both anticipate the requirements of the surgeons and facilitate management in all specialist fields, and to simplify use at the operating table, whilst reducing the risk of error and stress for the operating theatre staff.  We also have developed a communication interface to enable the equipment to be controlled remotely and have integrated essential functions into the camera head.

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