As a retail consulting firm dedicated to premium and luxury brands, ACDL specializes in end-to-end human resource solutions, from assessment of all factors that impact the customer’s experience, through to design and implementation of training solutions.
Our services are founded on our key principles of ARDI - Analyze, Recommend, Design and Implement - to ensure significant and long-lasting improvements in retail performance. In 2015, we were proud celebrate our 1000th delivered training program.


AuCoeurDuLuxe, it is French for the “heart of luxury” and what we define and believe is at the core of luxury business. Nothing epitomizes the industry’s spirit and essence more than the human factor, whether it is the relationship between the consumer and the brand, or the relationship between the brand and its ambassador. The drive to exceed client expectations is synonymous across luxury brands, therefore leveraging these relationships and empowering its people fundamentally holds the key to success.

Number of Employees

45 worldwide

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Room 806
367-375 Queens Road Central