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Suzanne Romestain | Head of Recruitment and Training Department |
Indy Yeung |Junior Recruitment & Training Consultant |
Alizee Cammaerts | Junior Recruitment & Training Consultant |
Emmanuelle Lehousse | Junior Recruitment & Training Consultant |
Middle To Senior Level
Managing Director
French, F, 54, HK Permanent resident
French (MT), English (Fluent), German (Intermediate)
Education EAD Business school
  • 29 years of experience : Managing Director
  • Apparel
  • Fashion accessories & shoes
Job sought Management : MD, VP, SVP
Availability Immediately
Marketing Director
Japanese, F, 44, Dependant visa
Japanese (MT), English (Fluent), French (Fluent),
Italian (Fluent), Mandarin (Intermediate)
Education Sophia University - Japan
Major in French Politics and Economy - 1996
ESCEM - France
Master in Marketing - 1995
  • 22 years - Marketing and BD Director - FMCG and Luxury
  • Experience in product marketing, operational marketing, multi-cultural team management, business development, sales, project management
  • Analytical & solution oriented, solid experiences in APAC and Europe
Job sought Marketing Director, BD Director
Availability Immediately
Director/ Senior Project Manager
French, F, 39, HK Permanent resident
French (MT), English (Fluent)
Education Cepreco - France
Multimedia Bachelor Degree - 2003
Edition style advertising Licence degree - 2002
  • 7 months - Director - Gift & Premium
  • 6 years - Key account manager & Designer - Gift & Premium
  • 12 years - Graphic design / Communication
  • Experience in people ressource management, project management, logistic, European customs, technical product development (OEM, ODM, (Gifts, bags, garments, accessories))
  • Skills in trending, sense of design. Illustrator, Photoshop, photography
Job sought Sourcing director, Design Director, Senior Project Manager
Availability Immediately
Key Account Manager
French, F, 39, Working visa needed
French (MT), English (Fluent)
Education SKEMA Business School - France 
Master Degree - 2001
  • 15 years - Sales & Finance Key Account Manager - Bank, Insurance & Textile Industry
  • Experience in customer acquisition, corporate experience, credit management, account management, marketing
  • Assertivity, collaborative, detail-oriented, result-focused

Job sought Business Developer, Key Account Manager, Project Manager, Marketing Manager
Availability Immediately
Junior To Middle Level
Assistant Finance Manager/ Senior Accountant
HK citizen, F, 36, HK Permanent resident
Cantonese (MT), English (Fluent), Mandarin (Fluent)
Education Hong Kong Shue Yan University - Hong Kong
BA (Hons) in Accounting - 2005
Qualifed Public Accountant - 2013
  • 10 years - Assistant Finance Manager- Finance and accounting
  •  Consolidation, full set account, HK tax computation, budgeting
  • Well versed in SAP, good command of Excel
Job sought Senior Accountant, Assistant Finance Manager
Availability Immediately
Marketing/ Sourcing Manager
HK citizen, F, 38, HK Permanent resident
Cantonese and Mandarin (MT), French and English (Fluent)
Education Institute of Entreprise Administration (I.A.E) University II, Montpellier - France
Bachelor degree in Management and International Business
  • 10 years - Sourcing and Production Manager - watch and jewerly, car accessories
  • Experience in team management, sourcing, design, business development, market research, project management
  • Good knowledge in Europe, South Africa, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and Korean markets
Job sought Brand Manager, Marketing Manager, Sourcing Manager, Project Manager
Availability Immediately
Sales Manager
French, F, 28, Working visa to be transferred
French (MT), English (Fluent)
Education Vatel Paris - France
Master Degree in International Hospitality Management - 2012
  • 1,5 year - Global Support Coordinator - International leading move management & office relocation consultancy in Hong Kong
  • Experience in Move Management and Change Management, Sales & Business Development
  • 4,5 years (+1,5 year of internships) - From Sales Coordinator to Sales Manager - Luxury Hospitality including one hotel opening in London
  • Experience in the luxury hotel industry: sales, negotiations, client relationship management, prospection, training new sales coordinators.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, highly customer focused, very flexible
Job sought Sales Manager, Account Manager, Client Relationship Manager (Industries: Luxury Travel & Goods, Consulting, Sports, Real Estate).
Availability 1 month notice period
Marketing/ Communication Manager
French, F, 26, Working Holiday Visa
French (MT), English (Fluent)
Education EFAP - France
Master degree - 2014

ESCP Europe - France
Chaire entrepreuneuriat - 2014

  • 4 years - PR and communication - consultant and business developer in the food industry
  • Operation, catering, project management, media
  • Strong communication skills and detail-oriented

Job sought Marketing/Communication Manager, Project Manager
Availability Immediately
Category/ Trade Marketing Manager
French, M, 28, Working Holiday Visa
French (Native), English (Fluent)
Education Toulouse Business School - France
Master degree - 2013
Skema Business School - France
Bachelor degree - 2009
  •  5 years experience (4 years + 1.5 year internships) - Sales Representative & Trade Marketing Manager - Multinational companies in FMCG
  • Experience in sales, marketing, merchandising, project management, budgeting
  • Strong communication skills and result-oriented
Job sought Category Manager, Key Account Manager
Availability Immediately
HK citizen, M, 28, HK Permanent resident
Cantonese (MT), English (Fluent), Mandarin (Fluent), French (Intermediate)
Education ESC Chambery - France
Bachelor of International Trade - 2012
City University of Hong Kong - Hong Kong
Associate Degree in Bilingual Communication Studies (French/English) - 2011
  • 5 years - Merchandiser - Toys
  • Experience in sales, merchandising, packaging development, test reports and factory audit issue (e.g. ICTI)
  • Good knowledge in UK, Europe, US markets, strong communication skills and detail-oriented
Job sought Merchandiser, Business Developer
Availability Immediately
Recruitment & Training Executive
HK citizen, F, 35, HK Permanent resident
Cantonese (MT), English (Fluent), Mandarin (Fluent)
Education University of British Columbia, Vancouver Canada
Bachelor in Asia Area Studies - 2006
  • 11 years - Senior Operation Executive, Training industries
  • Experience in team management, recruitment and training
  • Good knowledge in French and Hong Kong luxury markets
Job sought Senior Training & Development Executive, HR recruitment executive
Availability 1 month notice period
Supply Chain Coordinator
French, F, 24, Working visa needed
French (MT), English (Fluent), Mandarin (Intermediate), German (Intermediate)
Education EM Strasbourg Business School - France
Master degree - 2017
  • 2 years - Supply Chain Coordinator, Procurement Assistant, Project Assistant - Automotive Industry, Construction Industry, High Tech
  • Experience in project management, negotiation, logistics, communication, business development
  • Interpersonal and communication skills, self-motivated, multi-task, analytical skills
Job sought Supply Chain, Procurement, Purchasing, Marketing, Logistics
Availability 1 month notice period
Product Manager
French, F, 25, Working visa to be transferred
French (MT), English (Fluent), Spanish (Intermediate), Italian (Intermediate)
Education ESCE International Business School - Paris/Lyon - France
Master Degree in International Business and International Management - 2015
  • 2 years - Product Manager - Mobile phones and accessories
  • Experience in product development, sourcing, QC
  • Used to work in multicultural environment, great autonomy and organization skills
Job sought Product Manager, Project Manager, Business Developer
Availability Immediately
Junior Buyer/ Junior Procurement Officer
French, M, 25, Working Holiday Visa
French (Native), English (Fluent), Spanish (Intermediate)
Education Kedge Business School - France
Master Degree in International Purchasing

ESCE Paris - France
Master Degree in Marketing & International Business
  • 1,5 year : Junior Buyer 
  • Experience in Indirect procurement categories
  • 6 months internship in Paris as Product Manager Assistant
  • Good negociation & communication skills, easily adaptable
Job sought Junior Buyer, Junior Procurement Officer, Sourcing Assistant
Availability Immediately
Market Analyst
Netherlands, M, 25, Working visa to be transferred
English (Fluent), Dutch (Fluent), German (Intermediate),
French (Intermediate)
Education University of Kent - United Kingdom
Politics and International Relations with a year in Hong Kong BA - 2015

University of Bristol - United Kingdom.
International Relations - MSc - 2016
  • 5 months - Experience in Business Development and Strategy, Project Management and Client Relations
  • 6 months - Experience in market intelligence and political stakeholder/regulatory research
  • Highly analytical and strategic thinker, research oriented, inter-cultural communication, problem solving, team player
Job sought Analyst, Researcher, Business Development, Political/In Country Risk.
Availability Immediately

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