Sector: Events Management


General Coordination – Office/Team Management

  • Coordination of the local team
  • Coordination between local team and world team
  • Coordination with local partners and suppliers

Budget and financial planning – Monitoring under finance HO guidance

  • Retro planning local budget and event budget
  • Following events budget

Institutional relations

  • Develop relationship with local authorities
  • Position event with local authorities
  • Develop a group of supporters of the development of the event (political leaders, key influencers…)
  • Update officials and supporters of the development of the event
  • Coordinate invitation and presence of leaders at the event

Event board of “supporters”

  • Create a group of key influencers and supporters of the event (business leaders and equestrian fans)
  • Organize meetings with key influencers to involve them in the development of the event
  • Follow up on updates, communication with the group and implication with the event

Commercial development

  • Develop sponsorship strategy and structure with HO sponsoring team
  • Organize meetings with potential partners
  • Finalization partnerships
  • Organization and activation sponsorships
  • Contacts and follow up with sponsors (contact person for title sponsor and other partners)
  • Sponsors post event report and return on investment analysis

Sponsorship agencies coordination

  • Select and coordinate sponsorship agencies and freelancers
  • Define and follow up contract agreement with agencies and freelancers
  • Follow up sponsors relationship development and activation with agencies and freelancers

Hospitality sales/ticketing

  • Develop and oversee coordination of ticketing and hospitality sales
  • Select and coordinate hospitality agencies
  • Develop hospitality opportunities and packages

Chamber of commerce

  • Contact with chambers of commerce
  • Finalize partnerships
  • Follow up partnerships
  • Follow up mailing to members

Charity event

  • Develop concept of charity event
  • Contact and finalize agreements with charities

Oversee relationship with venue

  • Negotiate fee and costs
  • Negotiate exclusive partners (catering, security…)

Legal coordination

  • Oversee legal aspects of the event
  • Oversee contracts with sponsors, suppliers together with legal services





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