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Monday 27 March 2017. 12:30pm -
Monday 27 March 2017. 2:00pm
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2017: a year of unprecedented risks!

Steve Vickers is an expert on political and security issues and will present to you:
  • The risks faced by foreign firms in Asia,
  • The 2017 pan Asia risk assessment.
  • ​​​China: A tightening political climate, rising PRC economic nationalism, and a tauter international environment all pose challenges for China in 2017, suggesting that risks for investors could rise markedly.      
  • Hong Kong: The political contest in Hong Kong shows no sign of resolution, with governmental stasis, more protests, and weakening rule of law, which pose moderate risks to investors in 2017.
  • Macau: Macau can look forward to relative political stability and a reviving economy in 2017, although Beijing’s current preoccupation with curtailing capital outflows, rising economic nationalism and the outside chance of a terrorist attack on a casino still pose threats. 
  • Taiwan: An ailing economy and heightened tensions with China present a test for Taiwan’s government in 2017.
Presentation by:
Mr. Steve Vickers, Founder and CEO of Steve Vickers and Associates Limited 

Steve has 40 years’ experience in Asia in both government and the private sectors. He is an acknowledged expert on political and security issues in Asia Pacific and is a frequent commentator on political risk and crisis management/containment issues. His opinion on risk and security issues is regularly sought by the international media and he has lectured widely in Asia, North America and Europe.


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