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Thursday 21 September 2017. 5:00pm -
Thursday 21 September 2017. 7:00pm
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We draw your attention to the fact that it is a requirement that you must have paid your annual subscription fee on or before 21 September to be entitled to vote at the AGM. 

The following matters will be discussed:

- Approval of Minutes of last year’s AGM
- Presentation of the French Chamber’s activities during the past year
- Receive and consider the reports of the Council
- Receive and consider the Income and Expenditure Accounts, the Balance sheets, and the Auditor’s Report (the “Financial Statements”)
- Elect Auditors and fix their remuneration
- Determine the number of members of the Council, ratify any appointments of members to the Council made by the Council since the previous AGM to fill a casual vacancy or vacancies, and elect new members of the Council.
- Consider and, if necessary, take action with reference to all subjects on the agenda, including matters referred by Members in writing to the Secretary.

Location Info

6/F, Happy Valley Stand, Happy Valley Racecourse, Hong Kong