Aeolus is the inflight amenity supplier to the airlines. Our products and services extend to amenity kits, tableware, textiles, disposable items and more.

Aeolus – “ruler of the winds” converts imagination into delivered products. Within targeted budgets, we will collaborate with our airline clients, brand partners and manufacturers.

Initiating the perfect alliance between brands and airlines allows us to ensure the creation of higher perceived value.


We are a company passionate about any Airlines inflight amenities business. We don’t just supply products, we are here to provide customised solutions. We provide practical achievable proposals for airlines. We have experience and expertise in the creation of quality solutions for your airline inflight product needs. 我們不但深諳制造、更精於智造! We ensure the highest perceived value for your passengers within your budget. Nous respectons toujours l’identité et les exigences de qualité de nos marques partenaires lors de la conception commune de produits.

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