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Objectives of the Policy & Consultation Committee

This committee acts as a thinktank and helps determine the strategy of the French Chamber and voice its views on government policies and initiatives in Hong Kong. External representatives may, from time to time, be invited to participate in the committee's meetings in order to share their experience and provide specialised advice on particular issues.

More specifically, the committee's objectives and functions are to:

  • ascertain the French Chamber's strategy when it comes to taking an official position or voicing concerns on issues that may affect members;
  • help other committees of the French Chamber with their lobbying needs;
  • write “budget recommendations” and “general policy papers” once a year; and,
  • participate in other Hong Kong Government consultations that may affect the activities of Chamber members and more generally as and when necessary.

This Committee also monitors and responds to business and tax issues that are likely to have an impact on Chamber members. The committees of the French Chamber are invited to forward their concerns to the Policy & Consultation Committee so that any issue impacting on French Chamber members can be brought to the attention of the relevant Hong Kong authorities.


Thomas FELD 

Vice President

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