Visa application

Applying for a visa in Hong Kong is not always an easy task. We take the hassle out of the process by operating as your intermediary with the Hong Kong Immigration Department, guiding you throughout the course of your application.


Trusted visa services

We process more than 80 visa applications per year for individuals from a range of nationalities. Although the approval of a visa application cannot be guaranteed, since it remains at the discretion of the Hong Kong Immigration Department, the French Chamber’s visa services team has achieved a 100% success rate in cases treated in the past 2 years.


Visa types & service fees


Member Fee*

Non-Member Fee

Employment Visa
Allows you to work in Hong Kong. A company registered in Hong Kong must sponsor your application for you to be eligible to obtain this visa.

HKD 9,000

HKD 11,000

Dependant Visa
Visa allowing the spouse and children under 18 years of age of an individual holding an Employment or Investment visa.

HKD 3,200

HKD 4,500

Training Visa
Allows you to work in a company as an intern or trainee. A company registered in Hong Kong must sponsor your application for you to be eligible to obtain this visa. French Nationals under a VIE program must hold this visa to work in Hong Kong.

HKD 9,000

HKD 11,000

Investment Visa
Allows you to set up and operate your own business in Hong Kong

On quotation

On quotation

Extension of Visa
Hong Kong visas are valid for a specific period of time. It is necessary to apply for an extension during the last month before its expiry date.    

HKD 3,200

HKD 4,500

*Sponsor, Corporate and Entrepreneur members only.


Processing Time

4-8 weeks upon submission of the necessary documents.


Some comments from our visa clients:

"Thank you so much for the great job! I am very impressed by your service and the exceptional way in which you have handled this case. You have worked so efficiently and with great professionalismOnce again, a big thankyou! " Patrick Schulze, Managing Director, simpleshow asia.

"Thank you so much for your help all throughout the application process. Your efficiency and attention to detail combined with your excellent service and attitude have been deeply appreciated. Please extend my appreciation to the rest of the team who contributed to the process as well." Nary Nhan, Dada Art.


Important information (From the Hong Kong Immigration Department)

It is illegal to work in Hong Kong, even for unpaid duties, without a valid employment, dependent, training or VIE visa.

An application for a visa to take up employment in Hong Kong may be favorably considered if:

  • there is no security objection and no known record of serious crime in respect of the applicant;
  • the applicant has a good education background, normally a first degree in the relevant field, but in special circumstances, good technical qualifications, proven professional abilities and/or relevant experience and achievements supported by documentary evidence may also be accepted;
  • there is a genuine job vacancy;
  • the applicant has a confirmed offer of employment and is employed in a job relevant to his academic qualifications or work experience that cannot be readily taken up by the local work force; and
  • the remuneration package including income, accommodation, medical and other fringe benefits is broadly commensurate with the prevailing market level for professionals in the HKSAR.

While each application is determined on candidates individual merits, an applicant should meet normal immigration requirements (such as holding a valid travel document with adequate returnability to his/her country of residence or citizenship; be of clear criminal record and raise no security or criminal concerns to the HKSAR; have no likelihood of becoming a burden on Hong Kong, etc.) as well as the relevant specific eligibility criteria detailed above before he/she may be considered for the grant of a visa/entry permit. It should be noted that the eligibility criteria may be subject to change from time to time.



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