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Startuppers, Sequoia-studio and Neia are joining forces to better help you, from your business idea to the design of your products and services.

The mission of Sequoia-studio: create value at every stage of the design of your products and services to boost your competitiveness.

The mission of Neia: power up your ambition and boost your business model, to make a difference in your market.

The first keys to success of startups are to set an initial clear position to offer products and services that meet a real demand of the market, a real need, as well as to set up an effective and relevant business model and strategy for success.

The joining of expertise between Neia and Sequoia-studio allows for an outside eye, both global and specialised to examine your project and answer the fundamental questions that every startup needs to answer.

Similarly, Sequoia-studio has announced that it is joining forces with Make & Manufacture. These two entities are getting together to help you, from the design of your products, to their production in small series, in France.

The mission of Make & Manufacture: industrialise your products, with experienced industrialists in France.

A shared vision on industrial creation

When you think of industrialisation, you often think Asia, China and big productions. But the industrialization of a project is, above all, a question of logic. And the best choice is not always big productions and relocation. Producing in France also has its benefits; less transport, shorter industrialisation times, smaller productions and, in general, fewer problems of quality.

By joining forces, Sequoia-studio and Make & Manufacture can strengthen and improve the reliability of the design and industrialisation of your products and offer designs tailored to your market, whose industrialisation fits your budget.

Find out more with the flyers, available here, and here.


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