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Nespresso, the pioneer and reference for the highest-quality portioned coffee, is committed to sustainability while offering the ultimate gourmet coffee experience. Taking its commitment to sustainability one step further, Nespresso Hong Kong is partnering with food rescue and assistance charity, Food Angel. From 21st August to 30th September, when Club Members recycle a bag of their used capsules, Nespresso will provide one Food Angel hot meal to a person in need.

Nespresso and Food Angel share a common commitment to responsible consumption. Food Angel rescues edible surplus food from different sectors of the food industry to prepare nutritious hot meals for underprivileged communities in Hong Kong. Similarly, Nespresso gives a second life to its used Grands Crus capsules, which are made of aluminium - an infinitely recyclable material. Once collected by Nespresso, used capsules are taken to a local recycling plant where the aluminium is separated from the coffee residue. The aluminium is then sent to a scrap metal collector for re-melting into recycled aluminium, while the coffee grounds are taken to local farms to be repurposed as natural compost. Rich in nitrogen, the Nespresso coffee grounds fertilise the soil to grow crops including high quality fruits and vegetables.

Sammy Leung Joins Nespresso Staff at Food Angel

To launch Nespresso’s partnership with Food Angel, Nespresso staff and popular Hong Kong celebrity host, Sammy Leung, volunteered at the Food Angel kitchen in Sham Shui Po on 18th July. Together, Sammy Leung and the Nespresso team prepared hot meal boxes for people in need. An avid supporter of numerous environmental charities, Sammy Leung also features in a campaign video to show Nespresso Club Members how they can make a tangible difference to the environment and local communities by recycling their used capsules.

Join the Movement by Recycling your Used Capsules

Consumer participation is essential in this collaborative recycling effort. From 21st August to 30th September, every time a Club Member recycles one bag of 50 or more used capsules, Nespresso will provide one hot meal box to a beneficiary within Food Angel’s network.

Roger Staeheli, Country Manager of Nespresso Hong Kong, said: “At Nespresso, we believe that your coffee moment doesn’t end until you recycle your capsule. Our partnership with Food Angel highlights our common goal to raise awareness of the benefits of conscientious consumption, and we encourage Club Members to use our recycling scheme to give a second life to their used capsules.”

Julian Chow, Senior Operations Manager at Food Angel commented: “Our collaboration with Nespresso is highly beneficial to local people in need, and we hope that our work can help raise awareness and encourage each of us to take small steps in our daily lives to consume more responsibly.” 

The Nespresso capsule recycling system makes it as easy as possible for Club Members to return their used capsules. Club Members can simply drop off their used capsules at any Nespresso boutique in Hong Kong or take advantage of the Recycling@Home service, a doorstep collection system where used capsules are picked up when a new order is delivered. 

Your Nespresso Coffee Journey

Committed to sustainability every step of the way, Nespresso aims to not only deliver a gourmet coffee experience, but also a meaningful one from bean to cup. To encourage Club Members to be part of our journey to sustainability, Nespresso offers the Coffee Passport Program to help Club Members navigate through discovering unique coffee moments, including the recycling part of the journey. At any point in 2017, upon returning one bag of over 50 used capsules, each Club Member will receive one green stamp in their Nespresso Passport. Upon collecting all six green stamps along with six coffee stamps, Club Members will receive a surprise premium gift in return.


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