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Mozoo, the mobile advertising experts specialising in mobile branding and performance, announces its presence at the next edition of Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest mobile show held in Barcelona, Spain. 

It is here that Mozoo will launch the world’s first premium mobile rich media and video ad- exchange. Sitting on the cutting edge of mobile advertising, technology and media; Mozoo are the only company on the planet to provide programmatic access (from any DSP) to the most innovative mobile ad-formats, delivered through premium audiences at scale. No longer do advertisers have to choose between programmatic or creativity. No longer do advertisers have to choose between brand or performance. 

Mozoo are helping 1000s of the biggest companies and media agencies such as BMW, Netflix, Channel, Adidas, Toyota, Nike, WPP and Havas to engage and acquire loyal customers on mobile. The team will exhibit in Hall 8.1, Stand 8.1J5 at MWC and will discuss 2017 mobile marketing trends and showcase their latest innovations.

Mozoo believe that mobile marketing is broken. Intrusive ad formats and clumsy user experiences pollute the mobile landscape. Aggressive adverts, irrelevant messages and intense creatives are frustrating mobile users, who are subsequently turning to ad blockers in their droves. Mozoo aim to fix this and return to MWC with a brand new range of unique video products and innovative rich media ad-formats that genuinely engage users, drive exceptional results for clients, and yield phenomenal returns for publishers.

Formats include; Interactive 360 Video, which turns a user’s screen in to an immersive VR experience. Native Reveal, which provides the impact of an interstitial without ever interrupting the user experience. Playable AdsRewarded VideoTransparent Overlays and many more. All formats are seamlessly integrated to the sites and apps within which they are served. Seductive, engaging and highly effective. Mozoo are redefining mobile marketing as we know it.  

Mozoo has grown rapidly during the last year, and now has offices in London, Paris, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Beijing - with further global expansion planned throughout 2017. Their presence in Europe, North America and APAC enables them to provide the highest level of service and solutions to clients, agencies and publishers around the clock, in 4 different time zones.  

At the beginning of 2017 the group announced the merger of their two previous brands, Surikate and Numbate, and will now operate under one powerhouse brand; Mozoo. This signifies the unity of their programmatic, performance, branding and creative solutions, which are now open to all clients.

Today, mobile plays a fully integrated part in our lives. We sleep with our smartphones. They join us on the commute, at work, at play and even on the toilet. We talk, tap and type every day, consuming unfathomable amounts of content. By 2020, it is expected than more that 70% of all internet users will consume digital video. Our pocket devices are soon to become the ‘first’ screen. Advertising on this medium has to be adapted to the current user needs.  Mozoo are working tirelessly to innovate, and provide powerful solutions for brands and publishers looking for the best engagement on mobile.


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