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Serving Hong Kong for 113 years, HK Tramways (“Tramways”) is true to its heritage while remaining young, cheerful and energetic in heart. To celebrate this spirit, Tramways unveiled a new logo and visual identity in May this year. Tramways also opened up its workshop to the press to see the unique behind-the-scene “Made in Hong Kong” tram production.


Protect and strengthen the tram identity

The new logo and visual identity, which are a nod to the company’s heritage as well as its vision for the coming years, aim at fully reflecting Tramways’ DNA:

  • “Iconic – Protect our heritage” = the famous double-decker is instantly recognizable as Hong Kong's beloved Ding Ding which occupies a unique place in hearts and ears.
  • “Caring – Take care of our life” = the green Bauhinia leaf in the background represents the tram’s environmental, safety and social commitments to the public.
  • “Clever – Progress our service” = the headlamp shining the way ahead illustrates our can-do spirit to keep going beyond the expectations of the 21st century passengers.
  •  “Convenient – Facilitate our rides” = the bumper subtle smile expresses Ding Ding’s friendly personality and faithful service offering easy, accessible and frequent rides.

Starting from today, Tramways is going to deploy this new graphic system while improving the passenger information: on the stop signage to make it more conspicuous, on the route map to make it clearer, on the website to make it more user-friendly, and on other passenger materials. All creatives have been designed in collaboration with Stepworks, an independent Hong Kong based branding agency.


“Catch a ride, Catch a smile”

Tramways is also launching a new self-promotional campaign with the slogan “Catch a ride, Catch a smile” illustrating the happy collective memories the citizens share with their beloved Ding Ding. The campaign includes digital promotion and displays on the tram bodies and tram shelters. It depicts the new logo with other smiling characters and iconic elements of Hong Kong.

“We hope each journey would give our passengers a lift, not only physically but also emotionally. We wish everyone would have more memorable and cheerful moments on our trams.” says Emmanuel Vivant, Managing Director of Tramways.

For the coming months, Tramways is also going to make its 160 tramcars smile with an additional sticker on the bumper. The whole fleet will greet the public with this joyful smile. To spread the happiness of the Ding Ding with friends and relatives, a 2-week Instagram photo contest with the hashtag #dingdingsmile was launched on 28 May 2017, inviting the public to shoot smiling trams in the city.

In parallel, Tramways is developing new tram souvenirs featuring either the new smiling logo or vintage elements. They represent another opportunity for the public to remind their happy memories with tram. The first new tram souvenirs are now available for sale on Tramways’ new online store. (www.hktramways.com/en/tram-souvenirs/)


Made in Hong Kong trams

Unlike most transport operators who purchase the vehicles from aboard, all tramcars are designed and built at Tramways’ depot by skilful and experienced craftsman, including carpenters, electricians, painters, mechanics, welders... They are the unknown heroes of Tramways. Such well preserved, Hong Kong home-made and daily operated fleet of passenger double-deckers is unique worldwide.

To commend the hard work of all the behind-the-scene heroes, starting today, Tramways will install a bronze plate on board of each tramcar – a good reminder that the beloved tramcars are all designed and crafted in Tramways’ own depot, in Hong Kong.


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