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Italian Maison Fendi has announced its collaboration with K-Pop star Tae Yang, launching the ‘FENDI for Young Bae’ Capsule Collection exclusively for the Asia Pacific Region which debuted in Hong Kong on 27 July. To celebrate its launch, and the re-opening of the Fendi men’s boutique at Landmark, a cocktail party was held with fashionistas and celebrities including: K-Pop icon Tae Yang, celebrity models Kathy Chow and Jessica C, actor Derek Tsang and socialites including Anina Ho, Elly Lam, Feiping Chang, Deborah Hung and Hilary Fan.

Fendi tailor made a Tae Yang mannequin from Italy with reference to his latest style for this collaboration. This special mannequin has been displayed at the window of the Landmark Men’s boutique since July.

‘Fendi for Young Bae’ is the first-of-its-kind Capsule Collection for Fendi. The project is the result of a close and energetic collaboration between Tae Yang, Silvia Venturini Fendi and the Men’s Studio.

Also in July, Fendi’s ‘F IS FOR...’ campaign landed in Hong Kong for a one-night voyage in the basement level of Casco Tower, providing an ultimate party experience inside the urban hub of the city.

After the very first launch event in New York in February 2017, the ‘F IS FOR...’ tour headed to Hong Kong, for another offline experience of openness and sharing. The party attracted K-Pop star Tae Yang, singer Stephanie Cheng, young actress Elva Ni, Venus Wong, Derek Tsang, Fish Liew, Hanna Chan, Hedwig Tam, Gladys Li, and young socialites including Elly Lam, Claudine Ying, Hilary Fan, Feiping Chang and Antonia  Li.

The crowd was welcomed into an environment full of tech interaction, including a social-sharing photo booth to have images shared instantaneously with the community thanks to the #fisforfendi hashtag. They also enjoyed a new experimental live experience staring fearless artists such as dj Choice 37, dj R.Tee, dj Cawlr and rapper Okasian and Bryan Chase from Korea, dj Victor Aime from China and dj Arisa Ueno from Japan, who performed  the very first Fashion Music Party in HK.


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