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Devenish Holdings Limited announced the opening of its online store offering Epidermal recovering skincare products of hEGF, bFGF and GlissandrinTM, which are developed by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

These 3 materials are internationally patented and clinically proven their safety.

The hEGF and bFGF in the products are also used in medical scene for the cure of serious epidermal wound and approved the efficiency. On the other hand, GlissandrinTM  is the first plant origin material with mitochondrial repairing result.

“We are thrilled to start the distribution of skincare products with cosmetic dermatology grade to consumer in needs.” says Ms. Lui, the Planning developer of skincare products by HKUST. “Because our products are made under strict standard of raw materials, animal free, no additives. Therefore we are very proud of the quality and willing to let people know about it.”

Devenish Holdings Limited is the authorised sales agent of human Epidermal Growth Factor, basic Fibroblast Growth Factor and and mitochondrial booster agent, also its products developed by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The human Epidermal Growth Factor,basic Fibroblast Growth Factor  are used for medical purpose as wound healing, repair of eye damage and skin care applications. The hEGF and bFGF are internationally patented in US, EU, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, mithocondrial booster agent “Glissandrin TM  in US and EU. These 3 are all proven safety and efficiency by official  medical institutions.


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