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While technology has drastically transformed entire sectors to the benefit of both the consumers and the environment, the building sector remains unchanged despite its impact on our economies.

With this in mind, Clestra has announced the launch of its new IRYS and FIZZ BOX designs.

Prior even to its commercial launch carried out last year in Europe and in the United States, IRYS was acclaimed and received the Red Dot Award 2016 in the Product design category.


Clestra Hauserman created IRYS by applying all the afore-mentioned parameters to the worksite: a prefabricated and removable system of high industrial quality partitions mounted in no time.

IRYS offers a range of independent, adaptable and self-supporting spaces, which are not connected to the building’s structure in order to meet the users’ needs expressed in terms of comfort, collaborative work, technological progress and sustainability.

The entirely movable system integrates lighting, air treatment, electrical connectivity, multimedia equipment and filing. It offers private as well as collaborative spaces, which require little time to mount and demount and move to another site.


The FIZZ BOX is a new concept which offers a soundproof space allowing employees to use spaces to improve their focus and guarantees conversations remain confidential thanks to high performance acoustics provided by Clestra Hauserman prefabricated panels and ceilings.

This range of self-supporting and independent ‘Phone Booths’ can be set up in any workspace and relocated according to your needs.


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