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As food and beverage consultants, The Box Partnership has been helping organisations develop and grow their activity in Hong Kong since 2015.

Their latest adventure is very much a family affair. Founder of The Box Partnership, Laura Offe, has teamed up with her brother Alexis to open a unique Brazilian Japanese street food restaurant, Uma Nota, on the corner of Hollywood Road and Peel Street in Soho.

The first of its kind in Hong Kong, the restaurant opened its doors on 14 March 2017.

Uma Nota’s distinctive character is reflected in its atmosphere, street food, authentic drinks and design. Combining Japanese techniques with fresh Brazilian ingredients, whether you like it raw, skewered or to be shared, every item on the menu is carefully balanced to reflect São Paulo’s favourite flavours.

"There is an energy in São Paulo that is different to any place I have ever been. Its beauty comes from the streets: the art, food, culture is invigorating and is the inspiration behind Uma Nota,” explains Alexis Offe.


Facebook - @umanotahk

Instagram - @uma.nota

Website - www.uma-nota.com


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